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Whether you are looking for pre-bonsai material, for a project, finished bonsai for that special gift or the perfect specimen tree for your own private collection, we have exactly what you need.

A Living Art Form

Found growing naturally high up in the mountains twisted, bent and dwarfed by the harsh winters and strong winds, these trees often took on unusual and sometimes fantastic shapes. Some were hanging down over a cliff in a cascade. Some were upright with thick, short tapering trunks and lower branches. Others were windswept, leaning to one side suggesting years of severe wind damage. These trees were treasured by early Chinese and Japanese aristocrats and were very expensive. Today bonsai, pronounced “bone-sigh”, still captures our fascination much as it did the Chinese & Japanese over 1500 years ago.

Through bonsai we can escape the everyday pressures of life and retreat to a world of natural beauty in miniature form.

“Join us in this rewarding and fascinating art, the art of Bonsai.”

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Bonsai Classes and Workshops

Artisans Bonsai offers classes and workshops for beginner to advanced students. Many classes are taught by bonsai masters from around the world. Please sign up for our mailing list to be notified of all upcoming events.

Bonsai Classes

Additional Services Offered

  • Bonsai rentals for special events
  • Bonsai leasing & maintenance for offices & home display
  • Bonsai viewing displays
  • Koi ponds & waterfalls
  • Tree boarding
  • Bonsai styling
  • Bonsai wiring
  • Repotting
  • Deadwood carving
  • Lime sulpher application
  • Bonsai RX care/treatment

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