Tropical Green Sheets – Vol. 1 Bonsai Book A Comprehensive Guide for People with Tropical Bonsai

  • Over 200 pages covering 127 species
  • Tips and Tidbits Picked Up from Various Artists and Workshops and Demonstrations
  • Full Color Photographs of Individual Species
  • A Tropical Gallery of Finished Bonsai from Various South Florida Bonsai Artists
  • The Appendices Includes 18 Articles Written on a Variety of Basic Subjects

Most Care Sheets are at least 2 or 3 pages long and cover the following topics: Botanical Name, Common Name, Family, Zone, Origin, History, Species, Flower/Fruit, Repot Time, Soil Preference, pH, Fertilizer, Pruning, Training, Insect/Diseases, Propagation, Watering, Light, Seasonal Needs, Salt Tolerance, Suggested Styles, and any special Notes.