Master Felipe Dallorto

Artisans Bonsai Nursery is Very Pleased to Bring Master Felipe Dallorto to the USA for the First Time Ever!

Brazilian Bonsai Master Felipe Dallorto

Felipe Dallorto, owner of Nettai-en, is a bonsai professional and instructor who spent four years studying with the famous European master Mauro Stemberger in Italy, where he trained as a professional instructor in Europe.

In 2018, Felipe began his studies in Japan, where he was accepted as a disciple of the famous Japanese master Kunio Kobayashi.  Currently, Felipe continues to study every year in Japan, being the first South American accepted as a disciple of a Japanese master.

In addition to his studies in Europe and Japan, Felipe has already demonstrated in China, Belgium, Poland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru, Uruguay, Bolivia and Brazil.  In recent years, he has traveled the world, from Europe to Asia and Latin America, teaching the art of bonsai and providing services to private clients and international organizations.  He also teaches intensive bonsai schools in Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Uruguay and several states in Brazil.

In addition to his extensive international experience, Felipe is the owner of Nettai-en bonsai, the first bonsai garden school in Latin America, with an area of ​​13,900 square meters, including accommodation for students, a workshop, a tokonoma, a greenhouse and a bonsai garden with 1500 square meters.

Nettai-en welcomes students from Europe and Latin America annually, with an intensive program on the art of bonsai.

 What You Will Learn in This 4-day Event

In this 4-day event You will learn, step by step, how to make a complete root on rock composition like the one pictured below

Topics will include:

  • Making the rock from concrete blocks (yes, I said CONCRETE BLOCKS)
  • Carving the block to resemble a rock like the above example.
  • Coating, painting & preparing the finished product to accept the shimpaku junipers.
  • Preparing Felipe Dallorto’s special soil so your trees will thrive.
  • Mounting the shimpaku junipers in the rock.
  • Wiring and pruning the shimpaku to create your own beautiful masterpiece.

What You Will Need to Purchase for This Class

NOTHING! Everything will be provided in the class fee.

  • Block
  • All coatings
  • Tools for carving
  • Soil components
  • Professional, personal instructions by Master Felipe Dallorto

Once Completed Your Finished Masterpiece is Yours to Keep!

You are guaranteed to leave this event with a sense of accomplishment second to none! In addition, you will possess the knowledge of how to create this incredible work of art again if you so desire.

This is Going to be the Event of a Lifetime! Join Us for a Truly Unique Learning Experience.