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Bonsai Classes Beginner Class Introduction to Bonsai: part 1 (3 hrs) This classroom session covers the history of the art of bonsai, tree styles, design techniques, wiring, soil, tools and supplies we use to create beautiful bonsai trees.  Introduction to Bonsai: part 2 (3 hrs) We will be working outside in our nursery for this class. Here you will apply what you have learned by picking out a tree & pot and create your own bonsai. Class will close with a discussion of the care & feeding of your tree. Small classes (6 to 10 people) allow for plenty of hands-on guidance. Beginner students will feel comfortable and have fun while learning to create their own bonsai in a friendly, no pressure atmosphere. Price: $115.00 Class fee includes: Part 1 & Part 2 Classes Professional instruction 1 pre bonsai 1 bonsai pot Use of tools, wire and bonsai soil 1 textbook - Introduction to Bonsai: A Course Syllabus (Thomas Zane) Intermediate Class TO BE ANNOUNCED Click Here for Details